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Everything Is Play

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‘Everything is Play' is a reflection of the joy that playing and improvising together bring us. This EP is a snapshot of the formative years of this band. It is a snapshot of the creative struggles and leaps that each individual and the collective had to take. It also marks the first milestone in the journey of this project.

We wanted Groovemeister to be our institution, where we can always be curious, always be learning, always be trying something new and always be creating, with no fear and with childlike enthusiasm. That is what we wanted to capture in this EP.

When we went into Island City Studios in Mumbai, India in September of 2018, we were still unsure of what this record would turn out to be. But during those four days, something stirred in each one of us. We each saw our own creative potential manifest during every recording session. At the end of each day, each of us grew a little stronger and each day brought a little more clarity to the direction of this EP, to our growth and the growth of this project.

Now we know that in those four days we turned a corner. We came out of the studio with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction and with a greater enthusiasm to do more.

Thank you for listening and sharing our joy.

Recorded in Island City Studios in Mumbai, India Recorded by Jehangir Jehangir, Rohan Ramanna, Samarth Chawla and Nikhil Salvi
Mixed by Rohan Ramanna
Mastered by Kimberly Rosen at Knack Mastering in Ringwood, NJ, USA
Produced by Groovemeister, Rohan Ramanna and Jehangir Jehangir
Original drawings by Kalei Anne Lundberg

Groovemeister are Arjun Ramdas, Legsang Sherpa, Siddharth Suresh, Vijayganesh Panchanadhan and Wesley Newton

All songs written by Groovemeister

Special thanks to JJ, Rupa, Rohan, Samarth, Nikhil, Sohrab, Ashyar, Pramod, Rajhesh, Madonna, Punit, Sudarshan and all our families and friends for the support

Creative Commons LicenseThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.